Baglio Occhipinti

Wellness Experience

Physical and mental well-being is one of the experiences that best describes a stay in Baglio Occhipinti. Well-being understood as a holistic approach to life and to the relationship with nature, and not to a simple treatment or a specific massage.

The total sense of well-being is perceived since the arrival, thanks to the scent of the air: pure and pervaded by the scent of flowers and trees. Light is one of the narrators of Baglio, it enters through the large French windows, it reflects on the light surfaces of the period floors and on the bright roofs to reach every corner.
Living the farm is well-being: long walks through the fields and vineyards, nourishing oneself with food grown entirely organically, rediscovering traditional recipes that are the cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet.

Yoga Retreat

The slow and peaceful atmosphere, the predominant nature, the kindness of the people, the naturalness of the food, make Baglio Occhipinti one of the most authentic yoga retreat in Sicily. The philosophy of respect for nature, the choices of sustainability and the care of every detail from agriculture to nutrition, naturally emphasize the balance between body, mind and spirit.
The staff of Baglio Occhipinti is ready to organize personalized retreats and courses, which can include personalized massages and diets, for a holiday of regeneration and rediscovering total balance.

“Every moment of life in Baglio Occhipinti is an experience of Total Wellness “

Special bookable experiences

  • Massage in the citrus grove
  • Experience of the massage after bath
  • Yoga retreat or Yoga course
  • Herbal treatments
  • Herbal tea therapies
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