Baglio Occhipinti

A charming relais
in the Ragusa countryside

Refined and romantic environments, good wine and good organic food, totally immersed in Nature

In Sicily, there is an enchanted place always dedicated to the cultivation of vines, olive trees and, the production of quality wine. A place preserved by men in respect of Nature where a 17th-century building stands. Over time, the block expands to become a real Baglio, where the fence walls become a protective embrace for all the families who work there cultivating the land and reaping the benefits. Today that place is a charming relais in which to regenerate immersed in the most authentic nature of Sicily.

This is the story of Baglio Occhipinti . . .

Baglio Occhipinti is a charming place where twelve rooms, renovated respecting the territory and original architecture, allow guests to live a complete experience of well-being and regeneration. Here Nature is not only a backdrop, but it is the mother who generates the fruits to feed on. Baglio Occhipinti is also a totally organic farm, so the concept of well-being starts from cultivation to arrive at the table in the rediscovery of traditional recipes.


Discovering the estate

Over ten hectares of the Ragusana countryside in the heart of south-eastern Sicily, immersed in the Val di Noto, right in the heart of the Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG and the most authentic Baroque architecture.
The history of the estate has always been linked to the production of wine and witnesses are the open-air limestone pits originally used for the collection of musts.



Experience the informal luxury of a country house that becomes a relais

A collected Baglio that protects a larger estate of over 10 hectares to live in full. Inside the walls, the ancient rural buildings and the manor house become places full of charm where respect for tradition coexists with refinement for details and details. The natural stone walls, a unique and unrepeatable backdrop, dialogue with objects of the peasant tradition, with period furniture and precious works of art and unique antiques. In the rooms, guests will never find a TV or a mini-bar, but always fresh water and a wine cellar with a selection of natural wines produced by the Baglio and the local area.



The consecration of beauty as harmony and its spontaneous sharing with guests is the most natural concept of luxury expressed by Baglio Occhipinti: daily simplicity in the attention to detail, expression of a refined lifestyle to guarantee its guests maximum comfort in the respect for nature and without ostentation.
Every part, every detail of the Baglio is experienced and shared with the guests who are involved in the collection from the garden, in the preparation in the kitchen, to then enjoy the pleasures of the table. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are small but important rites for which particular care is taken in choosing ceramics, porcelain, as well as silverware used daily and without any ostentation. For the parties, linen, porcelain and crystals are chosen, as well as the most important silverware, just like at home.

In Baglio Occhipinti the welcome is family, and according to tradition, it is Fausta Occhipinti, the landlady who welcomes guests. A welcome that is spontaneous interpretation and satisfaction of the need expressed by each individual guest.

Hospitality is a continuous interpretation, a real work of humanism.”
Fausta Occhipinti


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