Baglio Occhipinti


Welcome drink upon arrival

Welcome! Arriving at Baglio Occhipinti, after showing you the farmhouse and your suite, we will be happy to offer you a cool drink and a sweet traditional snack. This will help you to relax into the convivial atmosphere of the house, and we can tell you about our territory and[…]

Our natural pool

  A dream swim! Our pool is situated in the old orange garden, in tradition Arab style. The Arabic garden is a magical place, protected by an high drywall stone. The pool is 18 metres long, made using a simple design in natural local stone. This size was chosen for comfort while swimming[…]


Atmosphere and taste! Our restaurant is open only for our guests. All our dishes are cooked on the basis of traditional Sicilian family recipes. In the past, every aristocratic family had a French chef called “Monsù”, from the French word “Monsieur”, who cooked for their lords using foodstuffs by the[…]